The Long For Freedom

In this tyrannical world, She longs for freedom, Freedom to be whoever she wants to, Freedom to wear whatever she wants to, Without getting judged or raped, Without being called names... She sulks into the darkness at a corner, While being prisoned behind the jail of misogyny, She sobs on her fate as she is... Continue Reading →


Dear Father… (A Letter)

Dear Father, Happy Father’s Day. I wish you were here. I am writing this letter to thank you for everything you have done for me. Whether it was my first bicycle lesson or it was my bad grades, you have always stood behind my back. How fun it was playing horse-riding on your back! Remember... Continue Reading →

Why Hate When We Can Love?

I am writing this post with different emotions running around my heart- of anger, sorrow, pity, rage and so on. Being absolutely traumatized by the given situation in our country, I couldn't resist talking about this. We all know that God made this world without boundaries, hate or a feeling of contempt between each other.... Continue Reading →


Hey everyone!! A very happy new year to all of you!! May this new year bring new energy, a new start and new achievements in your life! Today, I am going to talk about a topic that we don't usually think about. We are so busy in our day-to-day lives that we completely forget about... Continue Reading →

Happy Republic Day!!

Unity in diversity is India's strength. There is simplicity in every Indian. There is unity in every corner of India. This is our strength. -Narendra Modi A very happy Republic Day to you all!! Today is indeed a very auspicious day for all of us Indians. We are celebrating our nation's 70th Republic Day. So... Continue Reading →

“Beautiful”- A Motivational Post

Looking in the mirror, with a disgusted expression on her face, she cried,” I can never be beautiful.” But little did she knew that she was looking at one of the most beautiful, brave and brilliant girls in the world. She always wanted that ”perfect girl” personality you know, with sleek and shiny hair, rosy... Continue Reading →

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